In Islamic tradition, Friday prayer (Juma Namaz) is an obligatory ritual for all Muslim people which is performed with the congregation in the mosque at noon. However, not everyone can make it to the mosque and have to pray alone.
The reward (sawāb) for the prayer in congregation is twenty-seven times greater than a prayer performed individually. The namaz of two people is more rewarding than the namaz performed by one, and the namaz of three is better than the namaz of two. For the more people there are, the greater the love of Allah is.

Prophet Muhammad
To strengthen the unity of those who are praying, we will unite them through the prayer wherever they are. We will improve the sajjada rug in a way that you will never have to perform namaz alone.
Without breaking the Islamic canon, we will add an indicator to the top right corner of the rug. This indicator will show the collective number of all people performing namaz both in the mosque and elsewhere.
Now during the Friday prayer every Muslim will feel the sense of unity with their fellow believers. The higher the number on the indicator, the bigger the sawāb and the love of Allah.
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